Thursday, September 4, 2008


As a person who was all but driven from the Church by the Lord Christ for my own good -- primarily because I was always too caught up in my own need to be "reverent" and "respectful" in church -- to the detriment of my ability to be kind to others, this article from Gordon Atkinson hit me right where I sin.

I'd love to think that if I were to go back to church now I could have this kind of perspective on things and appreciation for the contributions of church-mice, oddballs and poopy toddlers. The truth is, I'm about 90% sure I would immediately revert to being a prune-faced old ChurchLady who would get all freaked out at the thought of mice in the church, much less poop anywhere near the Holy Communion.

That is why I am where I am... and RLP is where he is. Thank God!

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