Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gov. Palin, Fashionista -- ???

Satchel passed along this item about women flocking to copy Gov. Palin's fashion style.

I expected McCain to nominate a woman. The theory was that the femi-nazi Clinton supporters would switch to the Republicans for the opportunity to vote for a woman. How many ways does that theory make me want to go off on somebody??? Do they think women are really that shallow, that we would vote for a woman solely because she is a woman, regardless of what she believes?

I have spent my entire life trying to downplay the role of sexism in my world. The last few months have proven me wrong, in, oh, so many ways!

It boggles my mind to try to think of one serious Clinton supporter who would be persuaded to vote for McCain because of Gov. Palin. I could always see Clinton supporters who don't like Obama supporting McCain, and lighting candles for his health. I could easily have been one of them because I happen to like John McCain (or I did in previous years before he lost his mind).

I can fully understand people on the far Christian right who will support McCain because of Palin's evangelical beliefs and right -wing politics. They boggle my mind but I understand they make up a bigger part of the population than I expected.

The idea that true blue "Clinton Women" would vote for Palin is laughable.

The idea that women are looking at Gov. Palin as a fashion icon is.... well, excuse me while I go take some Pepto Bismol.


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