Monday, September 1, 2008

The Hits Keep on Coming

Hanna is now officially a hurricane. She's presently on a course to take her along the coast of Florida toward landfall in Georgia or the Carolinas. That might sound consoling, until I think of the damage done by Ophelia in 2005 as she passed by. She never made landfall, but she pounded our beaches.

You won't hear this on the Weather Channel very often (although one of the reporters did say it today): a hurricane does not have to make landfall anywhere nearby to do a hell of a lot of damage.

Hurricanes and tropical storms that slide up the coast without actually making landfall can do a ton of damage. Don't believe me? Check out the flooding Fay brought to Brevard County, Florida. Those folks are still under water. A close encounter with Hanna will not help them.

It appears we shall be dealing with Hanna by the end of this week, probably before Gustav has completely petered out over Arkansas or Texas.

Word from the weather blogs is that T. D. 9 should become T. S. Ike before tomorrow morning. Fun. Fun. Fun.

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