Wednesday, March 12, 2008

In Today's news

I spend way too much time cruising the blogs, but I can't help myself. Today was particularly amazing:

  • Governor Spitzer resigned. I'm guessing that was part of a deal to stay out of the slammer. I personally don't generally care who politicians are boinking. Most of the time it seems to me that the more time they spend with their girlfriends (paid or unpaid) the less time they spend passing laws that put their hands in my pocket. In Spitzer's case, I do care. He held himself out to be a paragon of virtue.... Mr. Green Jeans come to clean up the wicked state of New York, and after that ... who knows (?) the whole nation? Arrogance. Pride. Temper. And now this? Just about any other politician could meet with hookers in the alley behind their houses and I wouldn't care very much. A politician who defined himself as a moral, upstanding, religious family-man who spends $80,000 of the taxpayers' money on high-priced, high-maintenance hookers in expensive hotels is a totally other matter. A john who refuses to use a condom is a danger to himself, his wife and the hooker. The man needs to go to jail. I know I am dreaming.
  • Mrs. Spitzer was at his side again today. While she was not exactly giving him the Nancy Reagan adoring gaze, she was there. I can't imagine why, but maybe the shock hasn't worn off yet and, just maybe, she really loves the guy. I hope when the shock does wear off, she will see a lawyer and sit her girls down and say: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE THIS BULLSHIT FROM A BASTARD LIKE THAT.
  • Meanwhile there's something like a bitch fight over in the Clinton camp. Apparently Geraldine Ferraro [who knew she was still kicking???] said something obvious and everybody got excited. Ferraro resigned rather than require the campaign to deal with a diversity of opinion. I am no fan of Geraldine Ferraro, but the woman's got a right to her opinion. Last I checked they still haven't repealed the Bill of Rights. [Though, it ain't for lack of trying on the part of the current Administration.]
  • Obama won Mississippi. Huh? Say what? A black man has won a presidential primary in Mississippi? Mssrs. Schwerner, Goodman and Chaney may be resting a bit easier in their graves tonight, I hope.
  • An increasing wave of violence is sweeping Iraq. The next person who tells me The Surge is working is gonna get it -- right in the kisser!
  • The price of gasoline hit a new all-time high. I paid $3.29 at the pump this morning. When are we going to come to the realization that what we need to do is quit worrying about meddling in middle eastern politics (which wouldn't matter if we didn't need fossil fuel so much) and spend some time, energy and research on alternative fuels. If we could cut down our use of oil, we wouldn't be so dependent on the Middle East. They, in turn, wouldn't have us by the short hairs. Lots of pressure could be let off just by reducing the need for that oil. Why does that seem so obvious to me and yet so not-gonna-happen?

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