Saturday, March 15, 2008


I used to be something of an Earth Mother type back in the days when DD was a baby and I wasn't working. Today I'm a professional woman with a way-too-busy job for an old lady and I've become a writing fool. That adds up to no time for such mundane things as domestic chores. I used to bake my own bread and put up the stuff we grew in our garden. Now, DD hardly ever eats at home. DH hardly eats anything at all. I am happy with cheese and crackers or vegetables steamed in a bag. Which is a good thing because I don't have much time to spend in the kitchen.

Still my mother's indoctrination about not wasting food combined with my love of fresh ingredients caused me to spend some time in the kitchen today engaged in a salvage operation.

We have several citrus trees in our yard. We picked the oranges already and gave most of them away. It is starting to get hot, so we picked the rest of the grapefruit and lemons today before they spoiled on the tree or the ground. I spent the afternoon juicing lemons. I'm freezing the juice in ice cube trays to store in the freezer for cooking and adding to iced tea. I also made fresh grapefruit juice for breakfast tomorrow. The fact is that I don't like citrus fruit very much. However, I hate to waste such good, wholesome food. Perhaps even I shall start eating a daily grapefruit. I suspect there will be lots of lemonade in our future as well, not to mention lemon chicken, lemon fish, lemon rice, and anything else I can think of that would be enhanced by a splash of fresh lemon jusice.

Don't even suggest lemon bars or lemon merangue pie to this family of dieters... (although the thought did cross my mind). I am, however, open to suggestions for recipes involving fresh lemon and (even more) fresh grapefruit, of which I have several bushels taking up space in my back room.

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