Saturday, March 29, 2008

Campaign 2008 - Wish I'd Said That!

Over at First Read there's a small article about Chelsea Clinton's response to a question as to which of her parents would make a better president. The article is here. One thing I wish the members of the Clinton family would learn is that you do not have to answer every single question somebody asks you. Especially if you can't do it truthfully, it would be better to say "no comment".

But that isn't why I linked to this article. The Comments are (as is often the case) much more interesting than the article. One comment expresses my personal opinion better than I ever could do. I am quoting it at length here because I don't know how to link to it.

BL from Cincinnati wrote:

Hillary will not be a better President than Bill. Bill was a *leader*. Hillary is a *boss*. We don't need a boss. Obama is far closer to Bill, than Hillary is to Bill.

Hillary is good with policy and fighting to get what she wants. She is not someone who can inspire people. She would not be a good president. What she would be is a great Senate Majority Leader. Someone who can fight to get things done. Someone who is detailed and policy orientated. She'd have a far better chance of getting a Health Care plan and other plans pushed through as Senate Majority Leader, with Obama as President. Imagine this. Take whatever initiative you want. Health care, SS reform, etc.

Imagine President Obama getting people inspired to support it, and Sen. Maj Leader Clinton fighting in the Senate to get it passed.

Best of both worlds.


Senator Clinton is the quintessential Senator, and her skills are very much needed there. Senate Majority Leader! Now doesn't that have a nice ring to it? The perfect job for a policy wonk who likes to get down and dirty with the arm-twisting.

Mine is only one vote, but it counts.

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