Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Page 128 - "Allow -- For the Possibilities"

Sue strikes again! She contrasts the big miracle that comes dramatically and is gone as quickly, with the small everyday things that, in and of themselves, don't mean much but which, when added together, can bring about lasting transformation.

This resonates with me at two points on the spectrum. First, I need to remember to keep watching for the burning bushes, because they're all over and some of them may be very small. The large, dramatic ones that speak in the Prophet's Voice are pretty obvious. The tiny subtle ones that may not speak but simply show themselves are harder to notice, but every bit as important.

Second, I need to remember that once I accept the revelation the burning bushes give me, the flames continue to burn in me, and I become a part of the revelation process. Which is NOT to say that I should turn around and preach and teach and try to convince others that "my" revelation is somehow Truth. Religions have been doing that for thousands of years, often with catastrophic results. For me, the revelation becomes part of my message, embedded in Story and embodied in the way I live my life.

That all sounds fine and dandy, but the scary part is that the Possibilities are truly endless, and new ones (both Big and Small) can come along at any time. The tricky part is not to become so engrossed in keeping up with all the little ones, or so devoted to the small daily rituals that hallow the sacredness of every day, that you might miss out on -- or, worse -- reject a Big One.

Too much devotion to the daily ritual of small things could result in the "we don't do it that way here" response to Change. That response is a mortal sin in my world. Too much emphasis on the Big Miracle can lead to zealotry and change just for the sake of changing. That is a mortal sin, too. (Or if it isn't, it ought to be.)

The trick is to hold our mind, heart and soul in some kind of equipoise that will allow us to be open to either kind of miracle whenever they offer themselves to us.

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