Saturday, March 28, 2009

More on Sabbath Time

I can't remember in what context I wrote the following sentence, but it was one of those statements that jumped off the page, took me by the front of the shirt and yelled, "This is freaking important! Listen up!" 

I wrote: Sometimes we need to take Sabbath time to revel in the creativity of others.

Typically I like to ignore messages that grab me in that manner, because they often require me to do something difficult that I don't want to do.   This one, however, is kind of gentle and innocuous.  It tells me that, while I may spend practically all of my waking hours most of the time working like crazy, either for money to support my family or for the purpose of my own need to create, it is important to stop once in a while to appreciate the efforts of others.

Once in a great while, I slow down long enough to read a good book or listen to wonderful music.  I stop and marvel at people doing amazing things.  I watch very little TV, but the shows I like the most are Modern Marvels  and cooking shows because both are about people creating amazing things, through a combination of passion and commitment.

Growing up in the Church, Sabbath time meant time on my knees in church, praying the prayers and singing the songs.  But, "Sabbath Time" has a broader meaning for me now. It is recreation, not just recreation as a "pass-time" as in sports and games (although it can be that).  It is totally  about Re-Creation: spiritual, emotional and even physical renewal.

Part of that process includes taking an occasional breather on my own Journey to tank up for the next burst of creativity.  That provides me with an opportunity to look around me and really appreciate the amazing and awesome things that others are doing in my world.

"Others" includes the amazing handiwork of the Author of Life. 

Sabbath time in church is about adoration, praise and thanksgiving.  Um, come to think of it, so is Sabbath time the way I practice it in my life today. I have been taking some forced time off from my own creative work for a few weeks. It has given me a greater appreciation for the work I do, and I have also tried to stop and appreciate the incredible work others are doing in my world.

That is a Lenten observance I can get into.

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