Friday, February 6, 2009

Sad ... but Grateful

I was saddened to read today that Justice Ginsberg has cancer.  I have admired her from the time she was first appointed to the Supreme Court, which was when she first came to my attention.  I have continued to admire the grace and good humor with which she has conducted herself among the other Justices.  During the latter part of the Bush administration -- especially after Chief Justice Roberts joined the Court and Justice O'Connor stepped down -- she and Justice Kennedy have done their best to balance the Court as much as possible.  

One of my biggest concerns during the Bush's second term was that something bad would happen to one of them.  I am grateful that both of them managed to hold out until President Obama was inaugurated.  At least if something were to happen to one of the Justices, he will no doubt try to nominate a suitable replacement. 

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