Monday, February 23, 2009

The god of Lowe's

The fastest way to get to Target from our house involves cutting through the parking lot of  a Lowe's store.  Shortly after the store opened my Dear Husband came home from one of his almost daily trips to either Target or Lowe's and said that he thought the god of Lowe's was working overtime.  I asked him to explain, and he told me he felt there must surely be some special deity looking out for the Lowe's customers because they sure as hell don't look out for themselves!  They walk right in front of cars. They operate shopping carts recklessly.  They do not watch where they're going.

In the intervening years, we have continued to be amazed at how well the god of Lowe's takes care of the Lowe's patrons.  

This morning was particularly bad.  I actually saw a car almost hit an old couple, and it would have been TOTALLY the old peoples' fault.  Fortunately, the god of Lowe's swooped in and stopped the car just in the nick of time.

The god of Lowe's is pretty awesome, but that kind of over-protectiveness seems to encourage people to behave irresponsibly.  

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