Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm a Little Disappointed in Myself

I have always been the most potty-mouthed person I know. Maybe that's because I mostly hung out with a bunch of church-ladies, nuns and moms. I learned to cuss from my bosses and co-workers in my first office job. I had never heard the F*word spoken aloud before that. My direct supervisor could drop that bomb more often than Al Pacino in Scarface. I learned to swear, too, out of self defense.

Rita at Surrender Dorothy posted this on the subject of the use of curse words in one's blog.

I checked my blog for bad words and was rather disappointed to discover that I've cleaned up my act way more than I guessed.

My guess is that the closer we get to the upcoming election, my cuss-o-meter will go up.

Note: I did not take the test on verbosity. Some things you just don't want to know.

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