Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dogs and Football

As I have mentioned before, we have two dogs. One of them was abused when she was a puppy, and she is terrified of everything. The other one has always had a good home, but he is very protective of the little dog, and since she's lived with us, he's turned into a Nervous Nellie. They are afraid of loud noises, storms, rain, and a lot of other things. They most especially hate it when people yell. After the Fourth of July (with all those fireworks), the dogs hate football season the most.

My Dear Husband has a lot of good qualities. I love him. He is, however, a football maniac. I fail to understand how something that makes you so mad could be enjoyable, but he says he loves football. He will watch almost any game, and he loves all Florida teams, but more than anything, he loves the Florida Gators. When the Gators are winning, all is wonderful in our house. When the Gators are not winning, things are not so good.

Earlier this year, the Gators lost unexpectedly to Old Miss. I cannot begin to describe the yelling, screaming and cursing that went on in our house that afternoon. The dogs were totally freaked out. I would have left, but I was afraid to leave them alone with a crazy person.

Ever since then, every time my husband turns on a football game, the dogs get nervous. They seem to understand the noises. When they hear the drums, music and unmistakable noises of a football game, they freak out. The little dog hides. The other one sits by me and shakes.

Right now we are watching the SEC championship game between Florida and Alabama. On Florida's first possession, the Gators moved all the way down the field in a long drive. At the end the announcer yelled, "TOUCHDOWN!" The dog sat up, reached out his paw to touch my leg, and stared intently at my husband, evidently waiting to see if he was going to throw a fit or not. I immediately understood that he knew the word "touchdown". What he didn't know was whether it was a good thing or a bad thing.

That was sort of the last good moment we've had this afternoon. I think DH thought 'Bama was going to lay down before the mighty Gators. It's not working out that way.

I gotta say that I'm almost as nervous as the dogs. If Bama scores again, I'm going to join the dogs on the couch, shaking and quaking and praying for it to be over.

PS: Florida won the game. The dogs are happy. Everything is peaceful and calm in our house, for now. Next stop BCS championship in January. Football season does go on and on and on. Does it not?

I guess I should add here: Go Gators!

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