Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Tortoise & The Hare (sort of)

On the way to work I pulled out on the main drag behind a big pickup truck going very fast, weaving in and out of traffic, passing on the right, accelerating rapidly and then slamming on the brakes.

I drove my usual speed, putzing along. I rush around every place else but on the road. I leave fast driving to NASCAR drivers.

I caught up with him at the first stoplight. He made a fast start and was soon out of sight passing cars and swerving from lane to lane. I caught up with him again at the next stoplight. He was off again, weaving in and out of traffic, and soon out of sight. Then I caught up with him again at the next light, and then the next two. At the next light, he went screeching off straight and I turned to go towards my office.

It took me the same amount of time to cover the same distance, using a lot less gas and building up a lot less stress. Is that kind of behavior absolutely necessary? I think not.

Personally, I'm glad I was behind the guy and not in front of him. (Not that he would have stayed behind me for long.)

On the way home in the afternoon a lady motorcycle cop pulled up behind me in front of the police station. She rode my rear bumper for a couple of miles, giving me dirty looks in the mirror. Like I could get out of the way! Hello, we were on a two lane road! The only thing worse than having a motorcycle riding your ass is having that motorcyclist be a cop who could give you a ticket if you get nervous and make a mistake!! When we turned onto the four lane street, she whipped around me into the left lane. She almost caused a pick up truck to get into an accident. She was tailgating and I think she made him nervous so he cut into the right lane and almost hit a car. Not that the cop cared. As soon as he got over, she was gone. If he had hit the car, I doubt she would have noticed. She must have had to go to the bathroom or something.

I hate to drive under the best of circumstances. Florida's roads are far from the best of circumstances. Sigh.

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