Saturday, April 5, 2008

Campaign 2008 - Another Point for Obama

I recently read in the newspaper (yeah, I love to read actual newspapers, the kind that get your fingers all inky) Senator Obama indicated that he will invite former Vice President Gore to a prominent place in an Obama cabinet, working in on environmental issues. Short of announcing John Edwards as his choice for Vice President or the Comptroller of Wal-Mart as the head of the Office of Management & Budget, that's the best news I have heard in this campaign.

I am still sore at Vice President Gore for suing over the election in 2000. That was uncalled for and un-American. He sort of lost his allure for me in that campaign. I am not 100% sure he has totally redeemed himself, but he is definitely headed in the right direction.

Mr. Gore's credibility on environmental issues is solid, at least to those who believe in global warming. I wish he were back in the Senate pushing through environmental legislation instead of making movies, but he is at least out there doing something.

While I wish he were back in the Senate, my second choice would be to welcome Vice President Gore to a significant role in the Obama Cabinet. Say Director of EPA or Secretary of the Department of the Interior, perhaps.

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