Monday, October 6, 2008

My Beautiful World - Day 12

On the way home from work today I had one of those breath-holding, almost-wrecking-the-car moments. As I drove down U. S. 1 toward home, wondering whether or not I would be able to fit in a walk before the rain or the darkness intervened, I glanced off to my left and almost ran off the road.

The intra-coastal waterway glistened blue and pristine-looking, with white condos rising on the peninsula beyond. The sky beyond the condos over the ocean contained both wispy, white almost-but-not-quite clouds and large clumps of heavy, purplish all-hell's-about-to-break-loose clouds. An amazing late-afternoon, early-fall turquoise sky peeked out from gaps between the two kinds of clouds.

It made me catch my breath! I wished, in vain, for a red light that would allow me to enjoy the incredible light-and-shade before moving on to avoid being run over by traffic.

I saw it for only a second, and I wanted to grasp at it and cherish it for a while, but it was not to be.

Still, I saw it for that incredible and magical moment. Oh my God it was beautiful!

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