Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another Early Voting Story

This article from a reporter who voted early in Palm Beach County scares the bejesus out of me.

What is it about South Florida? And why don't we all use the same kind of ballot? Ours in Volusia County were the "fill-in-the-bubble" ballot that reminded me of the SAT test. It was simple and easy.

I do understand about that ballot box thing. I had to try three times to get my ballot to pass through the scanner and into the ballot box, but that only took a second. I didn't have any problem with taking it out of the sleeve before I tried to put it in the scanner.

The lady in front of me tried to put her ballot in without removing it from the sleeve. That didn't work.

I didn't think much of it because, quite honestly, I don't really care that much if people know about who I voted for. People who want to keep their ballots secret may have a problem.

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