Monday, July 21, 2008

Random stuff

I have been busy and distracted lately. For one thing I am working on not one but two novels. I am a sick, sick person.

Work has been unbelievably busy.

I have had computer "issues" having to do with a new printer that worked for a while and then didn't work, but now works again (thanks to many hours of cursing and reloading over and over and over........).

There was stock car racing in Daytona Beach, which caused distraction, and excitement -- not to mention traffic and general mayhem. [ASIDE: they need to quit calling it "stock car" racing. The "Car of Tomorrow" (or is the the "Car of Today") has about as much in common with the average "stock" car as my Honda has to do with a Ferrari.] That always interrupts the flow of live at the World's Most Famous Beach. [We are very humble here, too.]

I will try to post something soon. Honest. Really. I swear...................

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