Saturday, July 5, 2008

Little bit of Schizo

Early this afternoon, DH and I drove over to the Speedway to have lunch and wander around the pedestrian zone outside the venue. When we go to the races we always schedule our time to arrive at the last possible second after the traffic has subsided and before the race starts (sometimes we walk a long way and hear the race start from down the road). He was going to the race tonight, but I do not care to attend the really "big" races due to my anxiety in crowds. We have never taken the time to wander around the grounds. I thought it would be fun to walk around, drink a beer and maybe eat some redneck food (i.e. barbecue or hamburgers).

Anyway, we had lunch at a restaurant near the speedway (neither barbecue nor burgers, but I didn't have to cook it and it wasn't Hooters so I'm not complaining), and then we wandered around the grounds.

My DH is a Kyle Busch fan (one of maybe two or three, counting Kyle's mother, I think). I wanted to buy him a #18 tee-shirt or hat, but he said he would be afraid that would get him killed in Daytona Beach. Good point, given the overwhelming Earnhart-mania that seems to infect Daytona during a race event.

It was interesting to see all the souvenir booths and read the clever tee-shirts. As a passionate people-watcher, I loved just walking around taking in all the bizarre-ness. We arrived around 1:30 p.m. and the race didn't start until 8:00 p.m. There were thousands of fans already at the Speedway when we arrived, and they were positively streaming in when we left about 2:30. What in the world were those people going to do out in the hot sun all afternoon? And how drunk would they be by the time the race started?

I almost asked if I could go to the race because I had such a good time last night and DD gave us two tickets. DH has a friend who is a true fan and would enjoy the ticket more than I would have. I probably would have freaked when the place really started filling up, and made my evening and DH's miserable. It was just as well I didn't attempt it, I know. Still, there's nothing quite like a race at Daytona!

So, while DH and DD are off at the race with their respective friends, I spent the afternoon at home with the pooches, revising my query letters to pitch my growing pile of novels. I found an outline for query letters which is different from the one I have used in the past and even my pea brain understands that it's much better, albeit, infinitely harder to write. I have spend the better part of the last five hours revising three letters of three paragraphs each.

I'm drained and exhausted and sweating harder than the folks at the Speedway.

Time to call it a day!

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