Friday, May 23, 2008

Losin' It

I have a lot of faults, failings and quirks. I have a couple of quirks that border on being out and out disabilities. One is the inability to remember where I parked my car. I attribute that in part to generally being so focused on where I am going that I lose track of where I am at any given time. The other is that I'm just a ditz.

If I do not write down the parking space in a parking garage, I could walk around for hours before I will find my car. I never go to a large shopping venue without my daughter to help me remember where my car is. [Hmmm. Actually, I would never go to a large shopping venue at all but for daughter's shopping needs, but that is another story.....]

I usually feel pretty safe going to local grocery stores because their parking lots are small. WalMart is iffy not only because I lose my car in the parking lot but for a host of other reasons including frequent loss of temper due to the idiots who work and shop there, but that is a totally different rant.... In any case, I can go to WalMart by myself if I time my visits right.

I always felt safe going to Target, as well. That is a good thing because there is a Super Target literally around the corner from my house and I stop there probably four or five times a week. It was a "safe" place for me because it has a relatively small parking lot. The store is rarely crowded. I can usually park in generally the same place. I could go there all by myself and not feel at risk of losing my car. (Losing patience at the idiots who work and shop there is still a risk although the numbers of total morons at Target seems to be, overall, somewhat less than at WalMart.)

A week or so ago, as I was walking to my car in the parking lot of the Super Target, I found myself puffing up with superiority. There was a man walking up and down the aisles looking for his car. It crossed my mind to feel superior and condescending toward him for losing his car in such a small parking lot. After all, I had never lost my car at Target.

Naturally, Life managed to give me a good come-uppance for that breach of humility and kindness.

A few days later, I lost my car in virtually the same row where I had seen the man. It was late, I had had a long tiring day. I stopped at Target on my way home and I was exhausted, rushed and distracted by thoughts about what I was going to make for dinner. Somehow I ended up in the wrong row in the parking lot. I started walking up and down the rows. I was driving my daughter's car, which is white. Do you have any idea how many white cars there are in any given parking lot in Florida????

Anyway, I eventually found the car, stowed the groceries and made it home, but not without offering penance for my unkind thoughts directed at that poor man.

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