Saturday, May 10, 2008

Epiphany in the Pool

When I was younger, it seemed most of my friends were older women. I was blessed with a collection of wonderful mentors and "other mothers" who helped me navigate many of the perilous portions of my early Journey. While I always had a couple of friends my own age, it seems that most of my best friends were women and a few men who were much older than I was. I always thought that was because I was "older than my age."

Today I find myself surrounded by people who are younger than I am. Even though I live in Florida, which is sort of like America's retirement home, the people I am closest to are younger than me. My closest friend right now is nearly 20 years my junior. That has been frustrating to me. I like being around people who are older than me. Hanging out with younger people makes me feel as though I am trying to be young again or something. I sucked at being a young person when I was one. I sure as heck don't want to be one of those pathetic old women who try to act young.

This afternoon, while drifting in the pool, I had the kind of epiphany that always surprises the socks off me, but would probably cause other people who know me to say, "Well, duh!"

I realized that I am now playing the role of "older friend" for the young women I spend so much time with. I am the "older lady" who has been married forever and who has been around the block a few times. I don't feel very wise or privy to any special insights about life. I'm not a mentor or "other mother," but I am a friend they know will tell them the truth without competing with them or stabbing them in the back like young women tend to do to one another.

Damn! I've turned into an "Old Broad" and didn't even notice. How cool is that???!!! I'm not a candidate for the Red Hat Ladies, but I am ready to crock back and enjoy being a cranky old bat.

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