Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Beautiful World - Day 3

It may seem ironic that the thing I found most beautiful today was the miracle/magic of the computer. It is ironic because I spent most of my day today spazzing over the fact that our system was not working properly and I was unable to use the applications I rely on the most. Despite the tempter tantrums I was throwing to try to get the IT people to do something about my problem, I found myself being profoundly grateful for the applications on my computer that did work.... which launched me into a brief reflection on the incredible wonders of the Internet.

I use the Internet perhaps six to eight hours a day and it would be easy to take it for granted. I try not to. I try to always be amazed and thrilled when I Google a word or a name and come up with exactly what I am looking for, out of the millions of websites on the Internet.

For me, perhaps particularly because I really don't understand how it works, I find the entire phenomenon of computerized applications that can keep track of massive amounts of data to be almost magical in their allure.

I didn't get outside at all today, and the computer program I use more than any other was not working, so I had plenty of time to contemplate the wonders of the cyber-world. (Wonders when it actually works. I have other words for it on days like today.)

The wonders of the Internet are an important part of my beautiful world.

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