Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Beautiful World - Day 2

Beautiful things I noticed today:

  • The sky reflected in the calm waters of Spruce Creek as it meandered beside U. S. 1. A couple of small boats that looked like motorized rowboats rocking gently while men fished (or snoozed, more likely).
  • Tiny yellow flowers blooming bravely in the stark and usually somewhat desolate interior of the park, surrounded by scrubby plants and cactus.
  • The panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean at a few minutes before low tide, seen from a walkover near the New Smyrna Beach jetty. Near the beach, surfers lined up on their boards waiting for the tide to turn. Farther out, several sailboats tacked back and forth perhaps practicing for a race. Fishermen balanced on the slimy rocks of the jetty, for reasons I will never understand. Every time I come to the top of a walkover to the beach, I catch my breath at the glorious and fearsome beauty of the ocean. It is something that never ceases to surprise and thrill me.
  • Slicing an onion. I've always loved slicing onions by hand (except for the crying part). After first watching the Food Network several years ago, I practiced diligently until I learned to manage a chef's knife. I haven't mastered the lightning strokes of the professional chefs, but I have learned to do a pretty good job of making even slices. I especially like to slice onions longitudinally for stir fries. I appreciate the way the crescents line up on the cutting board. Until today, I never paid much attention to the delicate loveliness of gossamer film between layers of the onion. It is very pretty (if the onion-tears don't make it impossible to see clearly).

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